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the Hotel Spalentor GmbH, Schönbeinstrasse 1, CH - 4056 Basel

1. General: These General Terms and Conditions regulate the legal relationship between the guests and Hotel Spalentor GmbH, Basel - hereinafter referred to as Hotel Spalentor.


2. Reservation: The reservation agreement and any amendments thereto with regard to services provided by the Hotel Spalentor shall not become binding on the Hotel until they have been confirmed or reconfirmed in writing by the Hotel and the Customer. The specific services to be provided shall be determined by the confirmation of the reservation. If the guest registers additional guests, he/she shall be liable for the entire invoice amount resulting from the reservation. For reservations that are made only on the day of arrival, the reservation is binding at the time of acceptance by Hotel Spalentor.


3. Options: Option dates are binding for both parties. After expiry of the option period, the hotel can dispose of all rooms, unless a written confirmation of order - mutually signed - is available.


4. Room occupation and return: Unless otherwise agreed, rooms can be occupied on the day of arrival from 14.00 hrs. The room must be returned on the day of departure by 11.00 a.m. at the latest.


5. Prices and payment obligation: The prices result from the reservation confirmation, the currently valid price list or special contractual agreements. Depending on the mutual agreement or scope of the booking, an advance payment of up to 100% will be demanded. If received in due time, the deposit will be deducted from the hotel price owed or any cancellation costs. The Hotel Spalentor may also demand a credit card guarantee instead of a down payment. The advance payment must be paid within 30 days of receipt of the reservation confirmation. If the reservation is made at shorter notice, the Hotel Spalentor requires a credit card guarantee for the full amount of the invoice. If payment of the existing claims is not made on time, the Hotel Spalentor may dissolve the contract and demand the cancellation costs specified in Item 6.. The final invoice must be paid in cash in Swiss francs, EURO, REKA cheques or with an accepted credit card at the time of check-out. The management of the Hotel Spalentor issues invoices only for customers with special contractual agreements.


6. cancellation of the reservation or if the guest does not show up (no-show): cancellations (cancellations) must be communicated to Hotel Spalentor by the client as early as possible. If the reservation is cancelled, Hotel Spalentor will charge the customer the following cancellation costs as a percentage of the reserved services:

Arrival of the cancellation at the hotel:

Decisive for the calculation of the cancellation costs is the arrival of the cancellation at the hotel. In case of early departure (after 4 p.m.), the entire reservation price will be charged. Reserved hotel rooms (for individual reservations) that are not occupied by 6 p.m. on the day of arrival at the latest may be allocated by the hotel to another party. This does not apply if a later arrival has been expressly agreed and the reservation is guaranteed by a credit card number or an advance payment. A guarantee for a late arrival can also be given by the company booking the reservation. In this case an exact address must be provided.


7. Conditions for special events in Basel such as trade fairs, Baselworld, Art, congresses, events: Cancellation is only possible free of charge up to 6 weeks before the confirmed arrival date. After that date the entire reservation will be charged 100%. In case of no-show or early departure, the entire stay of the arrangement or the confirmed reservation will be invoiced at 100%. A 100% prepayment is required at the time of reservation, which the customer must pay immediately. If no immediate advance payment is made, Hotel Spalentor may sell the rooms to another party. The resulting costs will be charged to the party responsible.


8. Number of participants in events: The customer undertakes to inform Hotel Spalentor of the final and binding number of participants for group tours as early as possible, but no later than 48 hours before the date of arrival. Deviations of the number of participants downwards (compared to the number reported as final) will be considered with a maximum of 5%. Deviations beyond this cannot be considered and are at the expense of the customer.


9 Liability, place of jurisdiction and contract law: The Hotel Spalentor is liable for the guests' belongings in accordance with the statutory provisions. There is no liability for slight negligence. Hotel Spalentor is not liable under any legal title for services that it has merely arranged for the guest (clause 10). Should the guest suffer damage or be dissatisfied with the services provided by Hotel Spalentor, he/she must notify the hotel immediately, otherwise he/she can no longer assert any rights. All claims against Hotel Spalentor shall become statute-barred within 6 months of the end of the contract, unless mandatory legal provisions provide for longer periods. Extra-contractual liability is governed by the statutory provisions, subject to further limitations of liability and exclusions of liability in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions.


10. Liability of the customer: The customer is liable to the Hotel Spalentor for all damage and loss caused by him or his auxiliary persons or participants without the Hotel Spalentor having to prove fault on the part of the customer.


11. Further provisions: The guest is not entitled to a specific room, unless otherwise agreed. The rooms may only be used for the agreed purpose of the overnight stay. Hotel Spalentor is entitled to cancel the contract without notice if the contract was concluded under false or misleading information or if the room is not used in accordance with the contract. Special requests must be agreed in advance. If the guest requests services that are not provided by Hotel Spalentor itself, Hotel Spalentor acts merely as an agent. These services will be invoiced separately. Advertisements in media (such as newspapers, radio, television, internet) with reference to the event at Hotel Spalentor require the prior written consent of Hotel Spalentor. Evening extensions of the event are only possible with the prior consent of Hotel Spalentor. If the reserved duration of the event is likely to exceed the statutory closing time (police hour), the customer must contact Hotel Spalentor as early as possible (but necessarily before the start of the event) so that the necessary permits can be obtained. The costs for the permit will be charged to the organizer. If Hotel Spalentor has reasonable cause to believe that the event or arrangement may jeopardise the smooth running of the business, safety or reputation of the hotel, Hotel Spalentor is entitled to cancel the reservation agreement at any time without compensation.


12 Applicable law / Place of jurisdiction: Swiss law is exclusively applicable to reservation agreements including general terms and conditions and any additional agreements as well as to the contracts concluded on the basis of these agreements. Exclusive place of jurisdiction for all differences arising from these terms and conditions is Basel City.

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